Well, hello there [waves]

out of all possibilities turns out you find yourself materialized in your particular body somewhere in this big ol’ universe reading these words I typed up and put out there…what are the odds, eh?

grab some tea, have a look around and brace yourself because you’ll probably find some crazy shit in here

these are my thoughts – raw, unfiltered and out loud

I don’t have a real reason to write this other than to share my thoughts

may they fall where they may

this is like my public diary
no filter
no trying to please
no hiding what I really feel

just a bunch of words, thoughts
thoughts that come and go
thoughts that change
lessons i’ve learned
sometimes just nonsense like lalalala or kshflidfhgliuyfglixdf;ojfgiuxhdfgo7ysd09i’sgpozd’ioghdfiuhzduyxbvs;zb’f9hu’n/kcbndufbgs;
sometimes wise, sometimes ignorant

there is no real plan for this
[secretly hopes a huge audience of weirdos like me read this, love it and adores me forever]
^.^ LOL

but, no, really
this is a place for me to self express in an “artistic” way
writing has always been my art

it’s what’s gotten me through my worst days
and usually when I am sad is when I write the most

if you’ve gotten to this point – wow, that’s pretty cool.

sometimes we create something and we never know if it’s going to matter

but I feel inspired to write these words

and somehow you found them… doesn’t that at least mean something?