where is the magic?? Really.

I’m waiting for it.
I’m praying for it.
I’m hoping for it.

I’m waiting for that moment where it all comes together

Where I wake up and this whole experience of being limited, stuck in a body, stuck in a place, stuck in this “life” was just a dream

because in reality we are magic

it’s all magic

there is no barrier

no limitation

Everything just flows

It’s all easy

It all makes sense

but are we really just animals that evolved over time due to a big bang that generated all that we see today?

Is there something actually and truly really special here orrrr are we just a bunch of meaningless specs of dirt that pass away with time — and then it all ends? This is your one and only opportunity to live?

I don’t know either way

but my hope is that at the end of the day it’s all beautiful

it’s all good


I want to see the magic


Sometimes in the dark of the night I wonder why I am here.

What is the point of all this?

Some say there is no point and life is what you make it. Well, how do I know that’s true?  And if you respond with, “you don’t” then clearly you’re not even trying.

Hypothesize with me. Dream with me.

Let’s find answers together in this magical maze.



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