Reflect Out Loud

"The unexamined life is not worth living." – Socrates



I Wonder…

I wonder… are we addicted to feeling sad? scared? worried?
Because it feels too weird being happy.
It feels too weird to let our guard down.
Because letting our guard down, letting our system relax, means danger could be lurking at any corner.

We must be on hyper-vigilance. Looking out for any possible threat.
Interpreting every detail. Staying two-three steps ahead of the game just to be safe.

Can’t let anybody fool me.
Can’t let myself get hurt.
Can’t let them try to pull a fast one on me.
Can’t let myself stay behind on the race.

Are these the kind of thoughts that are keeping us stuck?
Because we are afraid to swim in peace because you never know when a shark is gonna come out from under and just rip your feet apart when you stop looking?

Am I just too scared to let go and truly be happy? Truly start seeing miracles literally unfold right before my eyes?

Is that too crazy?

Is there something actually really beautiful happening right now but I am just too scared, too “real,” too worried to see it?

What would have happened if I actually let go that night? If I actually allowed myself to truly love you? If I wasn’t scared to say yes. If I wasn’t trying to run away. Would I have turned around and seen the light? Because there would have been no better moment in my life.

What If I were to swim without fear. Walk without fear. Dance without fear. Laugh without fear. Speak without fear. Breathe without fear. Play without fear. Simply exist without fear.

What would that look like?
What would that be like?

No Apologies

Why must I apologize for the way I feel?¬†For the way I think? I am not a murderer or a thief. I just want to kiss mouths and travel the world. I just want to have my own opinions and say “I prefer red” when the flamboyant waiter says “we have a large selection of white wines.”

I am a dreamer and I adore my fantasies. I am awake because I must be.

Let’s ride this unicorn and have wild hair. Let’s breath underwater and dubstep on crashing waves.

Will you meet me in my dreams? Where we can be anything and do everything unapologetically. This linear world is getting old.

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