Comedian, Dane Cook, was not kidding when he said that in life we will do three things: Lie, take painful sh*ts, and cry.

I want to talk about crying and why it’s not at all a sign of weakness but rather a release system that we should embrace whenever necessary. Too often people will say “oh, don’t cry,” and though they usually mean it in a caring way, I want to tell you that if you need to cry, cry.

Crying does not mean you’re weak. Crying does not mean you’re a baby. Crying is your body’s way of purging the emotions within. It is your body expressing itself through tears because our emotions are at times so complex that words are not sufficient to describe or express them.

For men, especially, crying can be a difficult process to embrace because our society conditions most men to think that they must be macho and strong and that crying makes you a “sissy” or a “girl.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. Crying makes you stronger. It is a mechanism that allows you to soothe your emotions by releasing them from your body.

Crying is healing. Crying is completely okay.
So when you need to cry – be not embarrassed about it. Allow yourself to purge. You will feel lighter and your body will feel more at ease.