I’m getting mixed messages

One part of me is trying to stay safe, do what it knows can at least give it slow/steady results if I stick to the plan and do what the old timers have done

Work your job, pay your bills, save for retirement and just do the safe thing— the “normal” thing

Just save for a house. Have a car fully paid for. Be good, kind, start a family and keep working that job until you can retire after 401k, IRA and few stocks pay off at 65

“WHAT!? Is that really the plan!?” the other part of me chimes in

this other part wants nothing to do with that safe yet painfully slow ride to my death bed

This other part wants to dive fully into the depths of the unknown

To run away to places like Bali, Spain, Italy, Greece, Thailand just because I feel called to

To wake up in new places, eat new foods, meet new people, and go on a wild journey that frees every cell of my being

It wants to go out with a bang

Filled with love, magic and stories to tell

To fall deeply in love with self

To dance in the rain without feeling shame for the way I look when my hair is wet and you can see how my forehead is too big and how the sides of my hair aren’t as thick anymore

To feel the sun gently laying on my skin as I breathe deeply filling my lungs with the juice of life

a life that feels vibrant, radiant, healthy, free

this part of me wants to throw reason out of the window

it wants to REBUKE fear from every cell of my being in order to experience bliss, magic, ecstasy

It wants to say FUCK YOU to the chains of safe, predictable living and take a LEAP of no return — it’s do or die

and if I die,

at least it wasn’t from the torture of monotony

But still

I am conflicted


Nothing is written in stone. And if it is, jackhammer the shit out of it, turn it into pixie dust and blow it into the wind.

Exploration. Do it. Lots of it. 

You don’t always know exactly what you want or exactly what you like until you explore, experiment, and test things out. 

You may start out super excited about a project, hopeful that it’s going to be a certain way but shortly come to realize “Oh, just kidding. This is totally not for me. This is not even close to what I thought it was going to be.” 

You might make a decision only to realize it wasn’t the best.

And that’s totally okay! Exploration is a huge part of our life experience.

And guess what? Discovering that something isn’t quite what you had hoped or imagined it to be doesn’t mean game over. It doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck. It doesn’t even have to be seen as a mistake, but rather an experience that allowed you to gather more information on what you want and don’t want – what you like and don’t like.

News: At any point in time you can always make a new, different choice.
It might involve going backwards.
Changing course completely.
Starting over.
Or rerouting.

Like a GPS that re-routes every time you take the wrong turn, you too, can recalculate your direction to find your way towards your destination.

Hate that job you said yes to? Fuck it, find a new one. 
Is that person you’ve been feening for showing no genuine interest? Adios mi amor. Moving on!
Is that environment not the best for you? Relocate.
Tired of that same old hair style? Change it up!

Looking to save 15% or more on car insurance? Switch to…. lol JK! Not promoting anything here – just being silly.


Point is, my amigos, that at any point in your life you can decide to re-route. You can say “This is no longer working for me and I am making a change.”

You don’t have to be stuck where you’re at -there is a way out.

Change is possible! Totally possible.
Don’t beat yourself up when you realize that the grass you went chasing after was not only not greener but it was actually that rough, fake, synthetic shit. Is that a double positive? fake, synthetic? (Whatever).

Just tell yourself that you’re an explorer. That you’re here to learn. That you can unsubscribe to what you’ve signed up for – and that’s totally okay!

You’re living and learning. You’re a beautiful exploring soul and at any point in time you have every right to just take a different turn, recalculate what’s no longer working, and move in a new direction.

You’re the driver of your life. It’s okay to make the wrong turn and it’s also okay to re-direct your path.

You are not stuck.


My Journey from NYC To Cali

I knew from the first time I visited Cali, this is where I belonged! And after so many years of putting it off until the time was right – THE TIME FINALLY CAME!

It’s been such an adventure from the moment I packed the car to this afternoon, sitting in a San Diego coffee shop to share this story with you.

I got to see many different states and hike in Colorado, Arizona and California. I feel grateful for this opportunity to experience more of the world and for having the courage to make this change.

It’s scary. But also so exciting.

Check out this video for more details on my move:


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