No Apologies

Why must I apologize for the way I feel? For the way I think? I am not a murderer or a thief. I just want to kiss mouths and travel the world. I just want to have my own opinions and say “I prefer red” when the flamboyant waiter says “we have a large selection of white wines.”

I am a dreamer and I adore my fantasies. I am awake because I must be.

Let’s ride this unicorn and have wild hair. Let’s breath underwater and dubstep on crashing waves.

Will you meet me in my dreams? Where we can be anything and do everything unapologetically. This linear world is getting old.


You don’t have to feel bad for feeling down. You don’t have to search for a way out like if there is something wrong with you for feeling down. Truth is – you’re feeling down because there is something crappy going on. Life’s a bitch, in part. So if you feel down at times, you are rightfully reacting exactly the way you should. There is nothing wrong with that. Life isn’t happy everyday (unfortunately) — sometimes life is sad.

Sometimes you just have to sit there and feel sad. Just cry. Just feel miserable and let your soul just pour out of you like an open faucet. Cry for as long as you need to. Mope for as long as you need to.

I just spent the last 6-7 hours moping. I cried for a good hour. Now I feel less heavy – though still sad about some things I want to see change for me. (Don’t feel bad for me if you do – crying is normal – we should do it when needed. This is why I am writing this – to say “don’t feel bad for the bad times, they’re normal.”)

I am making a to do list for tomorrow and will begin to work on my desired changes so I no longer have to feel sad about what’s bugging me. Some things I know I can’t change (like never getting sick or never getting old), so I must learn to make peace with what I can’t change and change what I can. Work in progress.


I am all over the place…

I am happy
I am sad
I am fun
I am foolish
I am poor
I am little
I am great
I am beautiful
I am tough
I am fat
I am skinny
I am angry
I am understanding
I am tired
I am bored
I am listening
I am ignoring
I am belittled
I am silly
I am confused
I am sure
I am secretive
I am forthcoming
I am lying
I am honest
I am afraid
I am calm
I am nervous
I am stupid
I am energetic
I am simple
I am complicated
I am annoyed
I am proper
I am decent
I am indiscrete
I am shy
I am confident
I am busy
I am relaxed
I am anxious
I am farting


I am impatient
I am patient
I am bitchy
I am soft-spoken
I am quiet
I am talkative
I am sympathetic
I am mean
I am evil
I am disgusting
I am neat
I am overwhelming
I am studious
I am lazy
I am clean
I am dirty
I am caring
I am late
I am exciting
I am pumped
I am nonchalant
I am pretty
I am ugly
I am insincere
I am doubtful
I am hungry
I am stuffed
I am uninterested
I am captivated
I am interested
I am ignorant
I am open minded
I am intolerant
I am unforgiving
I am forgiving
I am tolerant
I am resentful
I am absent-minded
I am passionate
I am uninspired
I am motivated
I am suspicious
I am trusting
I am untrustworthy
I am revealing
I am unfocused
I am determined
I am willing
I am unwilling
I am friendly
I am cold
I am perverted
I am pure
I am innocent
I am guilty
I am phony
I am true
I am slick
I am clumsy
I am cunning
I am tricky
I am clueless
I am stubborn
I am loving
I am kind
I am funny
I am corny
I am bad
I am unhappy
I am depressed
I am broken
I am whole
I am empty
I am fulfilled
I am alive
I am dreaming
I am unaware
I am attractive
I am repulsive
I am vulgar
I am fair
I am biased
I am upset
I am amazed
I am shocked
I am surprised
I am disgusted
I am empathetic
I am cruel
I am deliberate
I am foolish
I am wise
I am helpful
I am thoughtful


I am superstitious
I am superficial
I am religious
I am spiritual
I am careless
I am incorrect
I am correct
I am sexy
I am awkward
I am loud
I am unbearable
I am persistent
I am finished
I am starting
I am done
I am crying
I am playing
I am dancing
I am sitting
I am screaming
I am laughing
I am fighting
I am sorry
I am right
I am wrong
I am giving
I am greedy
I am sharing
I am hiding
I am keeping
I am special
I am separate
I am together
I am apart
I am distant
I am close
I am near
I am brave
I am naked
I am dressed
I am bathing
I am working
I am talking
I am burping
I am resting
I am active
I am moody
I am serious
I am cranky
I am rested
I am belligerent
I am pissed
I am zen
I am spacing out
I am ditsy
I am vengeful
I am humiliated
I am embarrassed
I am proud
I am arrogant
I am regretful
I am repenting
I am intimidated
I am peaceful
I am reserved
I am outspoken
I am meek
I am wild
I am puzzled
I am goofy
I am loyal
I am disloyal
I am temperamental
I am lustful
I am hilarious
I am stunned
I am talented
I am dumb
I am intelligent
I am fierce
I am weird
I am scared
I am defiant
I am capable
I am alone
I am accompanied
I am appreciative
I am ungrateful
I am remarkable
I am practicing
I am running
I am mad
I am glutinous
I am adorable
I am joyful
I am bleeding
I am healed
I am blah
I am speaking
I am tired.


You are __________________, (fill in the blank)…

Yep. I am that, too.

So if you label me, that’s fine, that’s grand – but just remember when I am anything more than I am, I will always be less than what I really am when I AM. 🙂

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