Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Stop worrying about where everyone else is. Just look at you. Look at what you’re doing. Focus on you and your path. Focus on your own story. You are equipped with everything you need in this life. You don’t need to become discouraged by what Jen, Mary, Steve, Sally, Brian, David, or Juanita have that you don’t. Life is abundant. Your faith plus your actions will get you to where you want to be without stressin’ over the fact that Susan got the diamond ring while you’ve got the onion ring. Onion rings are delicious. Don’t fret. And don’t focus on Susan. Focus on you. Zoom in on your own path and on your own journey.

Stop with the joy-killing, spirit stifling, useless type of comparative thinking that says “Oh shit, I’m 30 years old and everyone else my age already has a degree, car, house and partner and I’m over here waking up at 12 P.M. and playing video games all day.”

Instead… empower your beautiful spirit and mind with thoughts that serve you like, “I realize I want to create new goals for myself – not out of pressure to do so because of society’s expectation or because everyone else is following this particular path but because I genuinely want something different. Right now is the perfect time to start. I’m not late or early to my life, I am right on time. I’ve needed everything I’ve experienced up until this point to come to my own conclusion of where I want to be. I know that with the right actions and in time I can accomplish my goals. I know life is abundant and I am fully equipped to achieve the life I seek.”

You are unique and there is only one of you. This big universe organized itself in a way that allowed YOU to manifest into existence. Coincidence or no coincidence — you are here! And you matter. Your story matters. Your unique and beautiful unfolding matters. Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself. Blur out everyone else and what they’re doing and just throw yourself deeply and narrowly into your own magical and amazing story!