Goodbyes are a funny thing.

Letting go of the familiar and embracing the new.

Knowing that this may be the last time I physically see you. The last time we share the same space. 

Saying goodbye makes me want to cry. Because I see that time keeps pushing me to expand. To change. To move in a new direction. To age. To morph. And eventually, to die.

Morbid – but true. I am each moment closer to my last – which could be at any point in time. Whoa. What a realization to have. That at literally any moment I could be sharing my last experience ever.

But enough on that for now.

I am leaving New York City this week and starting a cross country road trip and new life in San Diego, California. I am chasing the sun. The palm trees. The slower pace.
I’ve downsized my life to whatever I can fit inside a midsize SUV which I have rented for 2 weeks.


As of this moment I have no job. No apartment out there. Just this car rental, some stuff, a little bit of savings and some courage sprinkled with faith and dashes of hope. 

My future is looking so unknown right now.
But I am excited at the same time.

I am excited by the possibility of creating a life that I am truly passionate about.

And it starts here and now. Saying goodbye to everything. 

Goodbye Job. 
Goodbye friends.
Goodbye family.
Goodbye lovers.
Goodbye home.
Goodbye familiarity.
Goodbye comfort.
Goodbye many possessions.

Hello possibilities. Hello new world, new me.