Sometimes it feels like all my cells are vibrating at a higher frequency

I could see the vision coming together

peace, love, joy, health, freedom, abundance, harmony

it’s so beautiful

and then suddenly

I contract

I am brought back to reality
I am brought back to doubt

To wondering if I have the capacity to hold space for that big of vision
Could I maintain it?

This sometimes reminds me of the New Testament story in the book of Matthew,
the story where Peter starts walking on water towards Jesus but when he lets fear in he starts to sink

(Not trying to get religious on you, just interesting to see that this feeling of contraction is something spoken of even in ancient texts)

Doubt will bring you down from the clouds and weigh you down like a ton of bricks…

It’s weird — sometimes I hold on to the person I’ve been and to the reality I am trying to grow out of even though I am trying to grow out of it

I hear the enemy of a great life is a good life

I also wonder if I’ll be bored if everything suddenly became too perfect

What is there to do once you’ve done it all?

I don’t know
But I am open to finding out

I am open to EXPANSION

and open to living a magical life

*cue in the confetti and bring out the unicorns, lesss go