It’s neither here, nor there. But it is, and isn’t at the same time.
Who knows? Who cares? I don’t. I do.
Sometimes. When. Here. There. Nowhere.
Not now. YES. NOW. UGH!
Why me? I didn’t ask to be here.
Did I?


They. We. Us. Me. I. Them. Not them. We.

Love. Lust. Hate. Prejudice. Angry, angry, angry.

Spiral. Line. Circle. Triangle.
Numbers. Beautiful.

Ugh, I don’t even care anymore. But I do. What’s the point anyway?

Too much to process. Overwhelm.

I am calm. I can. I never could.

Am able. No. I am not. I am. Yes. NO. Okay, maybe.

Who is to blame? Me. Duh. No YOU. Them. US. No one. Everyone.


I can’t tell you how I really feel because it’s mean. I don’t want to be mean.


I am mean, sometimes. Always. Never. FAIR.


They. We. I. When? FORGET IT.


Too many memories. Not enough process.

Process. WHO? Me. You. US. THEM.



Life. Death. Stupid people. So scared to be honest.

I am not strong enough to take them on.

I am scared to be weak.

I am powerful. Afraid.


Flowers. US. REBIRTH.

Follow your heart.