I wanna be justified in my anger

I didn’t ask to be here

I didn’t ask to exist

yet here I am

and at times I get angry

when things don’t go my way

when I feel wronged

when I see injustice in the world

when I see the suffering of people

when I see my own suffering

and when I want to brew and stew in the desire to be right
to be in my ego
to be in my pride

to sit in the pool of my own fury

to fester
to pout
to stomp my feet

to want to run, hide, scream, attack, and throw a tantrum

I also get angry at being angry

because I should know better,

be more mature

as if being angry was wrong, or bad or something I shouldn’t feel

because I must be good, kind, sweet — always

not angry


that isn’t right

is it?