I wish I was normal

That I didn’t think so deep or care so much or feel paralyzed at times by the weight of it all

Grappling with my limitations and feeling incapable of resolving it all

I wish I could just take selfies on the beach and not care that we consume so much plastic that it impacts our oceans
That there are people who are hungry
That there is so much lack of knowledge among people still

When I think about it all I just wanna run away and hide
Where do I even start?

It can be so overwhelmimg

If I can at least solve one major problem that would be great

I guess I’ll start small

and this is what I’ve been reflecting deeply on

What the fuck am I doing with my time and my life?

I sometimes don’t even see the point of it
But if there was one purpose I think makes most sense is that the best thing we can do with our time is to make the best of it

and I don’t mean the best of it in the sense of just getting by trying to make the best of shitty things, I mean truly put our efforts to make this the best world it can possibly fucking be

Because why not make something amazing? Something beautiful. Something we can all look at and just say Wow. WOW. We’re all truly happy and grateful that we are here and that we have chosen to put our efforts to design a wonderful world.

This is our BEST because we are giving our best to this world. Even if your best is shitty, at least fucking try. It adds up when we all pull our weight and do our part to make this a better world for all the life it holds.

Hmm…what a wonderful world