I want to know. Not just through intellect and feelings, but by experience, indeed.

For the last week or so I’ve been on a mission to explore more of my consciousness and discover for myself dimensions beyond our regular day to day reality. I’ve listened to a few instructional videos on how to Astral Project and decided to give it a try. The first numerous times I’ve tried it the only result I came across was falling asleep. “Damn it! I fell asleep again!” I’d comically say to myself. And with much excitement I’d go to bed every night looking forward to having an out of body experience.

This morning, after being sweetly awakened by my partner’s goodbye kiss, I decided to give the whole Astral Projection thing another go. I closed my eyes and focused my attention on my third eye spot. I eventually dozed into a light sleep and even started to dream a little. I was in an in between state where I felt half awake and half asleep. Suddenly, to my surprise, I started to feel my body gently tingling as I hear a voice clearly direct me to “Let go of your limbs. Let go of your hands. Let go of your feet.”
I then started to feel what I assume is my astral body rise from my physical body. It was as if I had become light mixed with air – or perhaps a spirit – I’m not sure how to identify it.
I also saw other people rising as well but only for a brief moment. I then start to hear this beautiful, harmonious music and as I hear it I cannot help but feel this immense bliss overtake my entire being. I see a reflection of what I recognized to be my higher self smiling joyfully and I could not believe that that was me feeling this much peace and happiness. I remember thinking “Wow, there is no joy on Earth like this joy.” As I gazed upon my higher self I was marveled by how confident I was in my own light just swirling in space to this awe inspiring music. I felt myself rising higher and higher. I felt like I was one with the space I took up as my entire self was uninhibitedly flowing in a sea of utter bliss. It was amazing, folks. I then have the thought “I want to move my legs,” but I was aware that if I moved my legs it would all be over. As I have that thought my elevated body gracefully descends into my physical body. I then open my physical eyes and move my legs.

I was a little sad that I didn’t stay longer to experience more of the environment I was elevated to, but I was also super excited by this experience! I woke up thinking “Wow! I can’t believe this happened!”
Having experienced a glimpse of what our consciousness is capable of achieving, I am pumped to continue to explore and have even more empowering experiences.

I am interested in further exploring this phenomenon to see how my experience develops with time. I look forward to seeing more and sharing more.

More updates on this topic to come!

Much love y’all.