so the other day I was watching a course on real estate investing so I could learn how it all works

and then I had this epiphany

“It’s fake.” 🫠

let me explain…

We, the humans, are inventing the rules, the laws, the systems, the stuff you see around you

We’re the one making up stuff

We use our intelligence to make stuff from the stuff we find on Earth and then we start making up these rules and stories about it all…

We even invent sounds (words) to point to objects so we can understand and come to an agreement about all the stuff we keep inventing

We make the laws, the systems

it’s made up… by us

It isn’t “real”. There is no actual intrinsic law that says a red light means you stop. We just made that up so we could organize traffic.

So if we make the rules of our world, shouldn’t it just be intuitive that we’d want to make it awesome!?

It’s tricky though because we all have different definitions of what an awesome world would look like and what that means

but I’m pretty confident in our ability to figure it out

to harmonize…

but here’s the other curious thing

there does seem to be some intrinsic order that permeates reality that is in effect apart from our human creations and inventions

Like the sky, and the rain
and the fact that my spoon will fall if I drop it

there are some “laws” of nature
and there there is also the curious thing that there even is something at all to begin with

something rather than nothing

and that something is inherently intelligent and organized, to the point of fabricating your beautiful face which such detail- your beating heart with it’s perfect veins connecting to other parts of your body… and all the living creatures- all so unique and with such FINE detail. Like bro, have you LOOKED at a birds feather and how exquisite it is? And just literally everything. Like a grain of sand, a rock, the ocean, the trees swaying in the wind.

I’m in literal awe

but then zoom in on us… the humans…

and then there’s our stuff… the college applications and the line at the DMV and the glorious cup of coffee at Starbucks, chocolate ice cream, and Seinfeld… oh and the housing situation!!!

We are making up all this extra shit

So given that we are making up the extra shit — shouldn’t we be making it good for us all to enjoy a good time on Earth?

I vote yes!

Because why should some struggle while others don’t?

I don’t know,

this is a long topic and it’s late and I’m sleepy

but yeah

those have been some of my reflections

Too da loo