Today I am feeling grateful

My body feels relaxed and the temperature outside feels comfortable to my body

I can see the stars from the porch where I’m sitting

I’m clean from a shower and today was a good day

my tummy is adequately full and my body is nourished


how it feels good to take a deep breath and to truly delight in the beauty of a good moment

where your heart is content and your physical body wants for nothing

moments like these are magic

moments like these are precious

I want more peaceful moments to exist for people…

sometimes I think about the others who are struggling and my heart hurts. I want to be able to help more of the world, because I believe we should all enjoy a good life and have as many good moments as possible

I hope we humans become more mature,

less animalistic and a bit more conscious

conscious of our emotions, our thoughts and the impact we have on each other and the world

the more we can learn about ourselves and each other the more we can have understanding and compassion

We all share this planet, we all bleed red
and I believe if we worked more collaboratively, with the understanding we are all part of the puzzle, the more awesome we could really make this life on Earth

anyway… I went on a tangent there

And here’s another one…
Wtf is going on though? What really is this life? What really is all this?

Today I remembered that my favorite aunt died last year…and it reminded me that this life is temporary

it also reminded me that bad things happen sometimes, and it’s like UGH what an interesting experience this is — this life thing… there’s some awesome things but also some really shitty, crappy, painful things that happen… BLEH! What an interesting THING this all is.


I have so much to say but sometimes don’t have the words

Thank you for this incredible experience
Forgive me for my faults, my mistakes, my humanity, my immaturity, my fears, my doubt, my shame, my shortcomings

my desire is to do the best I can and hope for the best,
and I’m sorry that my best sometimes is kind of shitty because I’m just not perfect

sometimes I’m lazy
sometimes I’m scared
sometimes I’m ignorant
sometimes I’m stubborn
sometimes I’m in my ego or too in my pride and avoid humility
sometimes I let the worst parts of me win and I can’t help it

but in my heart I know that I want nothing more than for everything and everyone to be safe and okay, and for all to be well and good… because why would anyone want the opposite of that?

I also think I’m a hypocrite sometimes
because how can I even say I’m a good and “conscious minded” person if I still eat meat

I’m over here preaching love and light yet eating animals that haven’t died of natural cause, wtf is that about? Something I still want to work on in this life time

anyway, enough of my nonsense for the day

thanks for being here